Studiotrope's graphic design studio has been compared to the likes of Martin Venezky, Bruce Mao, Nolen Strals, and Bruce Willen (O.K. only by ourselves after a few drinks - but by then there really is no comparison)! We love the process of NAMING. Really we do; we name everything: family pets, babies, obscure products, companies that haven't even asked us to... we love it that much! We also fancy ourselves quite talented at visioning IDENTITY and BRANDING. We get a special kick out of designing LOGOS and BUSINESS COLLATERAL. And we love to wax poetic while COPYWRITING (we obviously love it a little too much.) We excel at IMAGE MANIPULATION especially if it entails putting big eyes on small animals and warts on models. And we have been told we "ROCK" at CATALOGUE and MAGAZINE and NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL REPORT and BROCHURE layout and design. We are also excited to work with new and re-envisioned products on PACKAGING and PRODUCT DESIGN. We have done some truly amazing and creative things with TRADESHOW GRAPHICS and ENVIRONMENTAL SIGNAGE and WAYFINDING, which has left even us awed (not hard to do but exciting none-the-less). And we are obviously extremely talented at WEBSITE DESIGN, so much so that I am sure more than one of you is going to nominate our website for some prestigious award that we will use to confirm our superiority at cocktail parties that we have never been invited to previously.