If its INTERIOR DESIGN you are looking for, go no further – you have come to the right place! We do FEASIBILITY STUDIES in our sleep and our SPACE PLANNING is an art form. We love to do TENANT DEVELOPMENT and SPACE VETTING because it gets those pesky architects off our backs – did I say that out loud? We also are wizards at BUDGET ANALYSIS because we know you are going to need some extra cash at the end of the project to throw that killer party we all want to go to. CONCEPTUAL DESIGN gives us the chance to wow you with incredible talent and solidify our standing in short list of amazing designers (it’s a short list because it exists in our head and we don’t like to acknowledge other designers there.) Our FINISH and FURNITURE SPECIFICATIONS have been recognized for their likeness to fine art and showcased in landfill galleries across the world. We have done FURNITURE DESIGN for everything from libraries to boudoirs – skies the limit – imagination is the key! We also do FURNITURE PROCUREMENT and ORDER MANAGEMENT and DELIVERY and INSTALLATION COORDINATION and FURNITURE PROJECT MANAGEMENT because we know what you want, when you want it and the best way to get it to you. And when all is said and done we do INSTALLATION OVERSIGHT because its all just ideas on paper until the rubber hits the pavement. In our spare time we also do killer STAGE SET DESIGN like the one we did for “Dirt.”