Gregory Sader

Chief Quality Officer

Gregory Sader is a seasoned architect known for his commitment to successful project outcomes. He exceeds client expectations with consummate attention to detail and acuity in managing design objectives while honing budgets and schedules to meet client goals at every phase. Gregory is an accomplished craftsman whose dedication to the design and construction process drives excellence in team performance. His collaborative spirit and focus on the technical aspects of architectural design have garnered praise from owners and contractors alike. Gregory also serves as Studiotrope's Chief Quality Officer.

Gregory is a registered architect in the state of Colorado with 20 years of experience and has been a member of the American Institute of Architects since 2009. He has a master's degree from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maine College of Art. Gregory studied and practiced the art of traditional stone masonry in Maine and apprenticed with a nationally recognized stone mason in New Mexico prior to his studies in architecture. He has served on the board of Radian, an architecture and urban design non-profit organization, and is currently a volunteer for Harkness Heights (RNO) serving as the chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee. Gregory is also a formally trained ceramicist and an active member of the Arvada Arts Center Ceramics Department.