Waste of Space

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THIRD PLACE recipient

Design Team : Joseph Montalbano and Patrick Beaton

This competition posed the question "do they exist" and if so how would we design housing for them?

"Sensation is the function that tells us that something exists; thinking, the function that tells us what it is." - C. Jung

Humans seek comfort and find it most often in familiar thoughts, objects, and events. Unfamiliar phenomenon threatens one's ability to achieve comfort by beckoning a non-programmed response. Claiming we will never find something is simply imposing limitations on the unknown. While the aliens may lack the ability to communicate with humans, their new dwelling in Roswell will behave as the communicator. The scrim is the ultimate threshold. While the scrim blurs vision and challenges perception, the visitor's beliefs are crystallized by virtue of a forced dialogue between what they experience and what they think they've experienced. The dwelling will exist. The aliens will inhabit the dwelling whether or not they exist.

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