Studiotrope has one of the most amazing architecture studios in the universe – or at least that’s what our moms say. Our FEASIBILITY STUDIES and MASTER PLANNING capabilities have graced the landscapes of Colorado and beyond. Our PRE-DESIGN and PROGRAMMING is so responsive to our client’s needs that they often cry (OK not often [OK never] but they could if they wanted to and they wouldn’t have to be embarrassed at all.) Our PROJECT BUDGETING and COST ESTIMATING is so spot on that we have been compared to Alan Greenspan – which we might have taken as a compliment if they weren’t laughing when they said it. We love to be a part of SITE SELECTION and kick it at DEVELOPMENT and ASSET MANAGEMENT OF EXISTING FACILITIES and EQUIPMENT. We LOVE doing SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT and DESIGN! We excel at ACCESSIBILITY COMPLIANCE and value its contribution to creating a welcoming environment for all.

We dig doing NEW CONSTRUCTION because it gives us a chance to napkin sketch in front of clients and regurgitate all those big words we learned in architecture school — like “interstitial space.” And we are passionate about RENOVATING and REHABILITATING EXISTING FACILITIES because it give us a chance to sharpen our pencils and get down to the nitty-gritty of making something truly shine.

We are also fully versed in engineer-speak and have learned to translate and coordinate our efforts with the sometimes foreign, larger-than-life mathematical world. STRUCTURAL engineers love us because we like to push the boundaries of what is possible – and lets face it, our designs make them look good… or their engineering makes our designs look good… O.K. it’s a love fest any way you slice it! MECHANICAL and ELECTRICAL and FIRE SAFETY and CIVIL and GEO TECHNICAL and TECHNOLOGY and COMMUNICATION and ACOUSTIC and LIGHTING consultants love us too because we throw great parties and always invite them. And you can’t forget the LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS because they nest our structures in the beauty and reality of nature and all she has to offer. And that is why we do what we do, and work with who we work with, and why we love to come to work each and every day to manifest the structures that frame the human experience.