“GRASS: Guilt, Resentment, Anxiety, Self-absorption, and Stress. These are the five real and measurable costs of not managing transition effectively.”—William Bridges

While Change Management has made its way into the modern business lexicon, Transition Advocacy is a more nuanced practice aimed at helping individuals and groups navigate the “Neutral Zone,” a time and place in which neither the old or new ways works, when identities blur, and clarity breaks down creating a feeling of flux.

It’s a time when people feel caught between the demands of conflicting systems and end up immobilized—a time when systems break down and people go into radio silence—a time when everything feels up in the air like anything could happen, and no one knows the answers.

Transition Advocacy involves helping individuals:
- let go of old ways and identities;
- traverse the ‘neutral zone’ where critical psychological realignment and repatterning take place;
- embrace the “new” by developing new identities, experiencing new motivations, and discovering a new sense of purpose that makes the change begin to work.